İngilizce Nasılsın? (How are you?) sorusuna en iyi yanıtlar
Nasılsın sorusuna en iyi cevapları mı arıyorsunuz? How are you? / How are you doing? How do you do? gibi İngilizce nasılsın sorusuna verilebilecek 30'dan fazla cevap bulabilirsiniz.

I'm fine (I'm ok, I'm good) and you?


I'm not very well.


So so


Today I feel great.


Quite well, thank you.


Doing great. And you?


Great, how are you?


I’m feeling quite fine, thanks, and you?


I’m doing excellent thank you for asking! What about yourself?


Better than I deserve! And you?


Doing great! Thank you for asking. How are you?


I won't respond until I see my lawyer


Good! I’m sensing today is going to be a great day. It all starts with a cup of coffee!


Fine, thank you, and you?


Next question, please


Tip, top thumbs up!


Not bad


I’m getting by. And you?


Not too well


Pretty good, thanks.


Well, it’s still Monday


I'm doing better now that you’ve asked!


I don’t feel so well.


I'm doing well, thanks for asking


Could be better


Been better, been worse!


Don't ask because you don't want to know


From a scale through 1 to 10, I did say I'm a solid 7/10


Today I'm ready and armed. Gonna take over the day!


Sen nasılsın sorusuna genellikle nasıl cevap verirsin? Hiç bu soruya hata yapıp o kişiye o gün ne yaptığınızı söylediğiniz oldu mu?

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